January 26, 2012

Pure Bliss Energy Bars

I was given the opportunity to try out Pure Bliss Organics Energy Bites.  They are bite sized (well, probably more like 2-3 bites) granola type bars that are gluten free and full of 'good stuff' that give you loads of energy and keep you feeling full for quite some time.  AKA the perfect food for breakfast, before a run, or workout.

The flavors I tried were PB&J (of course an automatic favorite) and also Appleachia-what a cute name.  They were both savory and delicious.  They use yummy organic ingredients such as dates, seeds, fruits, nuts, etc.

Look at all that yummy stuff packed in that little bite.

Nice nutritional info.

I shared them with my brother's girlfriend who has to eat gluten-free. She had this to say about them:

"I loved these! Not only are the ingredients amazing (healthy, simple, and organic), but at right around 120 calories per serving, they make the perfect snacking food. These have been great for when I need a little something to tide me over. Whether it is after a tough workout or an hour before dinner, they are perfect for a little boost of energy, and they taste great! I love how crispy they are, which is not a characteristic you see a lot in gluten-free foods. They also come in a small pouch, which makes them easy to carry. I will definitely be taking these on hikes, runs, and road trips!" 

Right now you can save 25% on your ENTIRE order of Pure Bliss Products by using the code: tiffdeal12

I really want to get their mixed package of energy bars so I can decide which ones I like best.  The Mocha JavaNaughty but Nice and Lemon Cranberry all sound amazing.

Their prices are already so low considering the high quality ingredients used in their bars and granola but an extra 25% off?!!?   Get on over to Pure Bliss and you won't be sorry, or hungry, or get diabeties from those candy bars and sugary stuff you've been putting away.

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