February 20, 2012

This Old House 2012 Remodel Contest

Around this time last year we began our kitchen remodel.  It turned out to be quite a process to say the least.  After a few weeks a lot of hard work and help from family members we transformed our kitchen. 

You can see the different stages here:
Stage 1: Demolition
Stage 2: Staining New Cabinets
Stages 3, 4 & 5: Installing New Cabinets, Countertops, etc. 

Finally...the finished product!

We are so happy to have our new kitchen and I have so enjoyed the new cabinets that gave us new space as well as functional!  There's no going back to a cabinet under the kitchen sink that was falling in or mold growing on the walls behind them.  Ewww! 

I'm was so proud of our new kitchen I entered the "This Old House 2012 Reader Remodel Contest" and my entry was excepted!  I was thrilled by that alone.  I wish I had more pictures to show the true nature of the renovation on their site like I was able to do on the blog.  But, oh well, I'm happy its even listed.  So, please click this link and rate our kitchen "a real winner"!  Sure, it's not as extravagant as some of the kitchens listed, but hey, we're on a budget.  : )


Thanks for your votes!  Back tomorrow with a giveaway!
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