March 29, 2012 and

I had the opportunity to try out some very cool t-shirts from some awesome t-shirt sites. and offer some unique, funny t-shirts for everyone!  As well as vintage t-shirts you won't find anywhere else.  I was able to choose a couple t-shirts to review and it took me FOREVER to choose them, I liked so many!

Being Irish and with St. Patty's day coming up, of course I had to pick out one of their St. Patty's day t-shirts.  It runs a little small being a women's or juniors fit so I went with a large.  I was very pleased with the fit, size and comfort of the t-shirt.  It is very soft, comfy and fit perfectly.  I like my t's a little longer since I tend to wear low rise jeans so this one was great!

My second choice was a miniature dachshund tee which represents my love of dachshunds and all things doxie (because I am a breeder).  This tee is a unisex in a medium which was a tad big but I expect after the first washing for it to be perfect as well. 

I highly recommend their sites.  I saw lots of shirts that I want to order for friends/family members just because they look like a perfect match for their interests and personalities. Not only are they great looking shirts that are well made but, they are also CHEAP! Where else can you get a great t-shirt that represents your personality for $16 or less.  And, they have a daily deal for $6.99!

Rush on over to either or and pick something out cool for yourself or someone else.

They have allowed me to offer a $15 giveaway towards one or more of their t-shirts.  Simply check out their sites and leave me a comment saying which shirt you would use the $15 towards.  As always you can leave two additional comments if you are a follower of my blog.  Have fun and go shopping!

The winner will be chosen on April 5th via

March 26, 2012

Libre Tea Winner

The winner of the Libre Tea Glass'n Poly is...


Please send me your physical address and I will get your awesome travel glass n' poly tea brewer on its way.  I will be posting another cool giveaway later tonight so those of you who did not win, don't give up.  I have 6 more reviews I need to post this week!

March 21, 2012 the answer to all your stylish needs

I found myself on Smart Style Guide when  browsing another website I often use when looking for new products.  I was happily surprised by their array of topics and advice. 

They offer specialized advice from everything from hair styles to fit you face shape to how to wear belts to upgrade any outfit.  They also have articles on skin care and how to wear scarves.

One of my fav's I found on the site was how to do your curl your hair without any heat or styling products but instead a SOCK!

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information available on their site as well as how personalized it can be if you enter in more information about yourself and you skin/weight/fashion/hair problems.
I totally recommend this website for anyone with questions about fashion hair or skin care or if they just want some reassurance that what they are wearing is in style or fits their style.  I feel like whatever you are comfortable in is YOUR style but if you want to be more in the "now" they can help you update your wardrobe for pennies by remaking outfits you already own.
They also have lots of product reviews that offer helpful information when planning to buy a new flat-iron, hairdryer or other products.  You can also find easy to create hairstyles that will update your look with minimal effort.

Overall its a great find as far as a tell-all website regarding fashion, hair and skin care,  It is now a go-to site for me to find out how to improve my look.  I highly recommend it to anyone with questions about their fashion questions/issues or product ideas.  Check it out!

March 19, 2012

Libre Tea's Glass and Poly Glass

Libre  began by Energetic Marketing, a company who is "committed to sustainable people and planet practices, excellent customer service and engaging tea moments for all to enjoy and relax with." 

They have created the beautiful Libre' Glass'n Poly   glass or their Libre' Glass'n Poly Mug both of which allows you to brew and take your loose leaf tea on the go!

The design consists a glass interior layer and a BPA free, durable polycarbonate exterior - which keeps your hot tea hot yet, cool to the touch.  A removable stainless-steel filter keeps the tea out of your mouth and for easy cleaning.  Also, you can re-use your tea leaves!

It is perfect to brew your tea and the  take on the go!  And
Their ‘how to’  videos here for 2 easy ways to enjoy tea moments ‘on the go’! You can easily make black tea in them as well.  All you do is put the tea directly i the filter and and turn your Glass'n Poly upside down.  How cool is that?
To brew loose leaf, all you do is put a few teaspoons of your favorite tea into the Libre Tea glass, then pour in the hot water. Once done, just screw on the filter and the lid and you are ready to go!

The lid is sooo pretty.  I can't quite explain it but it'a   a golden/irredescent descents

The filter keep the tea from getting in your mouth while it continues to seep.  The beautiful golden lid is an added bonus for taking you tea on the go.  My camera just can't capture the beauty of the lid.  It is incredible in itself.

I added some Rosemary Camomille Tea to the Mug. Then poured in my hot water.
Then just screw on the lid, and taadaa! You've got tea seeping and ready to go!  Not to mention, its pretty.  I loved seeing the small pink, green and brown leaves floating around in the water. : )

Libre is definitely a "to-go" tea brewing system I have never seen anything like.
After just a few minutes my tea was ready to go.  And, the glass kept the tea hot for quite some time.  The double layers really work and its virtually unbreakable.

I can brew and carry fresh tea in and instant anywhere and I get commented on the container constanlty because of its beauty. 

Libre has give you too the opportunity to own your very own Libre Glass'n Polly!  Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite loose leaf tea.  AND, if you are a follower of this blog you can leave two additional comments. 

The winner is be chosen next Monday, March 26th.  Good Luck!

March 7, 2012

SnackTaxi Sandwich Bag Winner!

The winner of the wonderful sandwich sized SnackTaxi in the cute Giraffe Print is....dun dun dun...

#9 Pyewacket!

Congratulations Pyewacket! Please send me your contact info and I will get your Giraffe Print Sandwich Taxi sent over to you.

Thanks agin for Snack Taxi for allowing me to review your great reusable, eco-friendly products. Another review coming up tomorrow with a great giveaway so check it out.  And, don't forget to please vote for my kitchen remodel and pallet chair project on "This Old House's" site.

March 6, 2012

This Old House Project Tip!

I was SO proud to have our kitchen remodel listed on This Old House's website in their 2012 remodel contest.  (Please go to their site and list my kitchen remodel as "a real winner"!)

Then, this past week I received another email saying that my pallet chair tutorial was also accepted as listing on their site as one of their "money saving project tips"! Just click here to see it on their site and please vote for my pallet chair! 

Either project has the possiblity to be listed in their magazine which would make me super happy! 

We worked SO hard on our kitchen remodel, although it may not be as extravagent as a lot of the projects on their site we were on a tight budget and working in an 80+ year old rock home with concrete poured walls and lots of issues with the foundation, etc.
The pallet chair project I'm almost more proud of because I came up with it on my own and did it all by myself!  Please take a few seconds and vote for my projects.  I hope to announce in the next month or so that one of them may be published in the actual magazine!

Don't forget to sign up for the SnackTaxi giveaway which the winner will be drawn tomorrow.   I will also be posting another really great giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned!

March 4, 2012

Spring Skin Renewal with

After 30+ years in the sun, I have begun to realize what a difference it has made to my skin.  Not to mention the normal signs of aging. I also have issues with clogged pores.

I hope to try out some new products this spring/summer that will help to correct the damage I've already done. 

I heard about a line of products that could help do just that...Skin has the Jessner Peel which has many incredible benefits.

", a leading independent manufacturer of professional strength skin peels and skin care treatments, has announced today the company’s Jesnner Peel formulation. This combination chemical peel, perfected by the team at, offers users a safe but effective chemical peel to battle a myriad of skin concerns.
The Jessner peel combines a number of effective ingredients, each known for their skin-correcting properties:
  • Salicylic Acid: Perhaps best known for its acne-battling properties, salicylic acid has been used since ancient times as an anti-inflammatory drug. The beta hydroxy acid works to cause dead skin cells to shed more regularly, opening clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria. The acid also works to minimize pores, better hyperpigmentation concerns, and promote new cell growth.
  • Lactic Acid: Lactic acid, a part of the alpha hydroxy family, is used to improve skin texture and boost skin’s hydration. This component has been used since the days of ancient Egypt – Cleopatra was said to bathe in sour milk to improve her skin.
  • Resorcinol: This topical keratolutic helps break down hard, rough skin, making it an ideal treatment for acne. It is also an effective treatment for eczema and psoriasis, among others.
Because of the unique formulation, Jessner peels are able to rejuvenate top layers of skin, eliminating dry, dead skin and stimulating new cell growth. Meanwhile, the peel stimulates the deeper layers of skin, boosting collagen development that reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles caused by sun exposure and aging.

I hope to get the opportunity to try out their new Jessner Peel and will let you all know what kind of results I get from it.

 I'm sure at this point with my dry, damaged skin anything will be a huge help.  Hopefully it will help make over my skin and I can have healthier skin this next year. 

I'll keep you posted!