March 21, 2012 the answer to all your stylish needs

I found myself on Smart Style Guide when  browsing another website I often use when looking for new products.  I was happily surprised by their array of topics and advice. 

They offer specialized advice from everything from hair styles to fit you face shape to how to wear belts to upgrade any outfit.  They also have articles on skin care and how to wear scarves.

One of my fav's I found on the site was how to do your curl your hair without any heat or styling products but instead a SOCK!

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information available on their site as well as how personalized it can be if you enter in more information about yourself and you skin/weight/fashion/hair problems.
I totally recommend this website for anyone with questions about fashion hair or skin care or if they just want some reassurance that what they are wearing is in style or fits their style.  I feel like whatever you are comfortable in is YOUR style but if you want to be more in the "now" they can help you update your wardrobe for pennies by remaking outfits you already own.
They also have lots of product reviews that offer helpful information when planning to buy a new flat-iron, hairdryer or other products.  You can also find easy to create hairstyles that will update your look with minimal effort.

Overall its a great find as far as a tell-all website regarding fashion, hair and skin care,  It is now a go-to site for me to find out how to improve my look.  I highly recommend it to anyone with questions about their fashion questions/issues or product ideas.  Check it out!

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Rusthawk said...

Sounds like a useful site -- thanks!