March 6, 2012

This Old House Project Tip!

I was SO proud to have our kitchen remodel listed on This Old House's website in their 2012 remodel contest.  (Please go to their site and list my kitchen remodel as "a real winner"!)

Then, this past week I received another email saying that my pallet chair tutorial was also accepted as listing on their site as one of their "money saving project tips"! Just click here to see it on their site and please vote for my pallet chair! 

Either project has the possiblity to be listed in their magazine which would make me super happy! 

We worked SO hard on our kitchen remodel, although it may not be as extravagent as a lot of the projects on their site we were on a tight budget and working in an 80+ year old rock home with concrete poured walls and lots of issues with the foundation, etc.
The pallet chair project I'm almost more proud of because I came up with it on my own and did it all by myself!  Please take a few seconds and vote for my projects.  I hope to announce in the next month or so that one of them may be published in the actual magazine!

Don't forget to sign up for the SnackTaxi giveaway which the winner will be drawn tomorrow.   I will also be posting another really great giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned!

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