April 27, 2012

Just For Men Autostop Review

I was offered the opportunity to try out a new version of Just For Men hair coloring. 

Of course I jumped at the chance!  I'm such a fan, especially of their blend that leaves "a touch of gray".  Kidding.   But, my dad is a was willing to try it out the new "Just For Men Autostop Formula".  He is already a Just For Men user (don't tell anyone, its his natural color, I swear). ; )

They sent us a package with several shades to choose from.  He went with the "medium brown".  This new formula not only comes in a convenient brush on type applicator but its also an "autostop" formula that shuts off when you have just the right color.  How cool is that?  You don't have to worry about turning out looking goth or being too light and asking yourself if you just colored your hair or dreamt it.

The medium brown

My mom volunteered to be the photog while my dad reluctantly became the guinea pig.  I know he loved it.

Brush and tube of coloring

Simply attach the brush tip to the top of the opened tube.


Before 2

Then begin the application process.  He said it that was extremely easy
to brush in and it went on evenly.

After he applied he commented that it did not
 run at all or leave any color on his skin.

The color on the back.

He left it on around 8 minutes because it began to get a little dark and photog/mom was afraid it would turn out too dark.
So, the rinsing began and this was his results:
Perfect!  He was very happy with the new formula and the applicator.  He's found a new "Just For Men" product that he will be using from now on.

 Looking good! 

And, last week was his birthday!   We spent the day at my cousin Andrea's graduation from Nursing School and went to his favorite restaurant, Cheddars for lunch.  

Thanks Dad for doing the product review and hope you had a
Happy Birthday!!

So, now all you guys who are going gray...rush out and get some Just For Men and don't be afraid of the color being too dark. It's foolproof.  And, now you can click here for $3 off!    

April 14, 2012

DIY Mailbox Remodel

My mom has an awesome gigantic mailbox she got at a flea market or somewhere; I'm really not sure.  But, I thought I would paint it for her to match her pallet chair I made for her birthday last year. 

This is how the mailbox looked when I got it:

After the first coat of paint:

I also painted the inside where it was beginning to rust.
I let that dry overnight and then added a second coat.
I added as second base coat and then began painting the pawprints & info.

Too bad it started raining and the project moved into the basement.

I painted pawprints all over just like I did the chair.
Finally the sun came out and I could move back outside.

I painted the right side and back with pawprints.

Left side

The front I painted simply the address and the rusted over wording that orginally was printed on the mailbox.

Finally I was able to paint the bottom.

I painted FedEx and UPS on the left side so delivery folks would be aware of the purpose of the box.

Afer it was completely dry I sprayed it all twice with Minwax Polyeruethane spray to insure it would not rust and the black paint wouldn't run even though it was outdoor paint.

Now my dad just has to mount it on a post and my mom will have a mailbox for packages that matches her pallet chair.  It was alot of fun and I'm moving on to my next project.  But, I love making things for people so this made it especially more fun for me,  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter Monday!

We had a great Easter and hope you all did as well.

We kicked off good Friday by dyeing some eggs that we were going to hide for Diesel (our German Shepherd).  It's been an annual tradition since we figured out that he liked hunting them.
A little messy but they turned out okay.

We also put together an "Easter basket" for Diesel,
Of course his involved bones, teeth cleaning bone and flea and tick meds (I'm sure he loved that).

After going with my Grandmother, we had lunch at her house (as we do each Sunday).  After lunch we took our annual Family Easter photos.
My beautiful cousin Andrea and her boyfriend Shack,

My brother and his beautiful girlfriend Ashley.

My mom and I.

My parents : )

Hubby and I.

After a nice afternoon hanging out with family, we went home to do the Easter egg hide with Diesel we will have pictures and video to post later of our egg hunting dog. 

April 6, 2012

Crazy Dog Tshirts and Nachomamatees Winner!

Sorry...I was suppose to announce the winner yesterday but completely lost track of time.

The winner of this giveaway is:

 #9:  Joan

Congratulations Joan, please send me your contact info so that you can get your $15 coupon code toward any awesome tee you choose at Crazydogthirts.com or Nachomamatees.com

In honor of this great Easter weekend I will have TWO more giveaways up in the next two days.  For those of you who did not win please come back tomorrow and Sunday for two more great giveaways and also some projects I've been working on that you might want to give a try!