April 9, 2012

Happy Easter Monday!

We had a great Easter and hope you all did as well.

We kicked off good Friday by dyeing some eggs that we were going to hide for Diesel (our German Shepherd).  It's been an annual tradition since we figured out that he liked hunting them.
A little messy but they turned out okay.

We also put together an "Easter basket" for Diesel,
Of course his involved bones, teeth cleaning bone and flea and tick meds (I'm sure he loved that).

After going with my Grandmother, we had lunch at her house (as we do each Sunday).  After lunch we took our annual Family Easter photos.
My beautiful cousin Andrea and her boyfriend Shack,

My brother and his beautiful girlfriend Ashley.

My mom and I.

My parents : )

Hubby and I.

After a nice afternoon hanging out with family, we went home to do the Easter egg hide with Diesel we will have pictures and video to post later of our egg hunting dog. 


ashley said...

hahaha, Zach is going to kill you when he sees that picture. He's also going to kill me for reposting it on my blog ;)

It was nice to see you!

Rusthawk said...

Wonderful pictures! But I kept thinking, 'can't wait to see pics of Diesel hunting those eggs' (I just love that idea and have to try it!) ...and there were none! :(

But then I saw your last comment about posting videos of them! I can't wait to see them. :)

(Ashley - you and Zach are an adorable couple.) :)

(I'm just one of Tiffany's online fans!)

ashley said...

Thank you! :)