June 12, 2012

A New Way to Create Stained Glass Windows!

Wallpaper For Windows is my new favorite home improvement product.  The folks at the company were so gracious to do a review/giveaway with me and I was fortunate enough to choose the most BEAUTIFUL design of Wallpaper For Windows which allowed me to cover our dining room windows completely. 

A few years ago, we purchaed carport.  Having a horseshoe driveway. that placed the carport smack dab in the middle of the driveway, blocking the view.

 I've contemplated for years what to do change the outlook (literally) of the windows.  Or, what kind of shades or curtains I could put up to cover the great view of the side of the carport (not to mention the trashcans). After our visit to the Tiffany Lamp Exhibit at Biltmore Estate, I was even more inclined to try some sort of stained glass look myself.

After lots of googling I came across the stained glass section of the Wallpaper For Windows site. After contacting them they were one of the most customer friendly and generous companies I have ever worked with.

They had SO many choices and their products include privacy, solids, etched glass look, patterns, accents etc.  So many options make a person like me hard to decide.  And, their products can also help maintain the temperature of your home while saving you money.  It filters out around 95% of UV rays to save your homes interior from the sun. 

Then, I found it. The Mandalay Bay Stained Glass. It was exactly what I was looking for. I just couldn't decide then whether I wanted the "privacy style" or the see-through

The see-through also provides privacy from outsiders.  Even though I chose the that version of the Mandalay Clear Stained Glass Window, when outside, you still can't see in.  It was win-win for me because our bathroom is located past our dining room so, if I forget my clothes I no longer have to worry about someone standing outside our house. ; )

When I received the pieces (they cut them based on my measurements) they fit perfectly!  I was afraid with my lack of measuring skills, that I might have been a little off but, each piece fit precisely. 

I installed six panes in around 30 minutes with a small spray bottle of soap and water and a card similar a credit/debit card which they also provided.

The windows from outside looking in after one panel was finished.

All it took was a tiny spray bottle with a few drops of soap
and the card provided.

After all the panes were complete (outside looking in).

I was nervous about the installation but it went on with such ease and looked incredible I had to put it all on and had it done in no time.  Being dark when I installed it, I didn't really see the magnitude of it's beauty until I woke up the next morning and saw what the Wallpaper For Windows actually did for our windows.  I was amazed!  I never thought I would have stained glass windows in my dining room that compared to the Tiffany Lamp Exhibit I saw at Biltmore Estate. : )

The next morning, the beauty of the mornings sun coming up
through the windows. : )

One of the main center panes

The sheets were cut PERFECTLY to fit the windows with my measurements.

Each window looks so beautiful and virtually blocks the ugly carport.

At night from outside looking in.

Everyone that's seen them has been in awe of their beauty and couldn't believe how they turned out.  Almost everyone says that they can't wait to get on their site and choose some Wallpaper to put on their windows.  It has made such a HUGE difference in our entire house that I want to do more rooms, and plan on it. 

Not only can it be used on shower doors, but, virtually any type of glass (even mirrors!).  It is also reusable.  If you move, take it with you!  It can easily be trimmed to reuse on a different window or a different room. 

I put all my junk back on the buffett and really need to declutter because
I love my new "view".

It is guaranteed for three years but suspect that it will last a lot longer. Wallpaper for Windows has $5 shipping on all orders over $25!  They also offering their trimming service (which I totally recommend for only $6.50 per sheet (whether it be 2 or 15 pieces per sheet).   If I can measure accurately then so can you!

And to be even more awesome, they are offering an incredible $75 giveaway to one lucky reader.  To enter, please be sure and them "Like" us on Facebook, Twitter,  or join their google+ circle or simply follow them on Pinterest.

You can get an extra entry for each that you do, i.e. 1 entry for "liking" on facebook, 1 entry for following on twitter, 1 entry for joining their google+ circle, or following them on pinterest

You can also ad an extra entry if you follow my blog via google or RSS Feed (as long as you have done one of the prior requirements).  SO, if you do all of them, you can get 5 entries! (If you have question feel free to email me).

The winner will be chosen on June 20th via Random.org!  So, go check out all their incredible products and sign up!  


Rachael West said...

They look amazing, I've seen the film at Lowe's have was curious at what it'd really look like. I'm impressed.

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My mom has used these for years!

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I really like the look of your windows!

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