June 1, 2012

Onion Crunch Review and Giveaway. Yummo!

I feel so lucky to get to try out so many different products.  Especially if they are food related. ; )

When I was given a bottle of Onion Crunch I was super excited to try them.  I love onion rings (they look like little ground up pieces of them) and also use a lot of dehydrated onions in recipes.  Not to mention their logo is so darn cute!
How can you not love that little guy?

They are made from 100% pure onions.  We tried the Onion Crunch on lots of things.  First, it was hotdogs.  I never ever eat raw onions so, I've never had them on a hotdog before but, I must say, the Onion Crunch definitely made it A LOT better!

Next I made some sort of burger helper.  It happened to be beef stroganoff flavor and boy did it help it.  It's the perfect crunchy, flavorful topping for almost anything. (Maybe not ice-cream).  But again, mmmmm....a GREAT addition.

At only 45 calories per serving and no-trans fat, no cholesterol, and full of flavor.   I can't wait to try them in my French Onion Dip recipe and I know they would be great as a salad or soup topper.  There are literally thousands of things you could sprinkle them on.  Heck, I ate a bunch straight out of the jar. : ) 

Then, I decided to add them to my meatloaf.  
I sort of pride myself on my meatloaf.  It's something I've worked a few years at perfecting.  I always hated it growing up and hubby loved it so, I had to come up with a meatloaf we both liked.  Finally, I added it to the top of my mini-meatloaves. 

I thought I had it perfected before, but, after hubby ate some he said. "Wow, this is so good".  I hadn't told him my secret ingredient. : )  

THREE lucky readers are going to get the chance to try out their own Onion Crunch! I know I am going to be ordering another bottle soon.  I can see myself using a lot of these.  There are also lots of great sounding recipes on the Onion Crunch site.

To sign up for the giveaway, just leave me a comment saying what you your sprinkle your Onion Crunch on.  The giveaway will end on Friday, June 6th, winners chosen by Random.org.

If you want an extra entry just sign up as a follower or subscribe to my posts via email. Make sure you leave an extra comment saying you did so.  OR for an extra entry, just follow me on twitter & tweet about the giveaway for yet a THIRD entry (make sure you leave a link to the tweet and #onioncrunch.   : )

Happy Friday!
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