July 16, 2012

LAQA & Co. Needs Your Help!

LAQA & Co needs your help!
Their soon to be released bundle of joy needs a name!

When you come up with what you believe is "the perfect name" for their new color, tweet the name to them, using the hashtag #mypolishpetname, and you could not only be immortalized forever in their fall line, but win LAQA goodies to boot. They are giving the lucky winner the entire fall line!

Their colors have the most unique names, such as the Bossy Boots, Tweedle Dee, Bells and Whistles, and Fancypants.   Check them out on Facebook and get those brains to working and see what name you can come up with for this great new color.

And, I apologize for the delay, but, the winner of Bossy Boots Fat Lip Pencil from last weeks LAQA & Co. giveaway is:

Congratulations Ashley!  Send me your contact info so you can try out their great lip pencil.  And, maybe you can name their new color. : )

July 11, 2012

Klutch Club is Healthy in my Mailbox

I learned about Klutch Club and was instantly intrigued. 

A company who began by a great woman ( JULIE BASHKIN) who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but, with no time (who does that sound like?).  She also wanted to allow other women (and men) to do the same.  So, what did she do? She created Klutch Club, a monthly membership which sends out a monthly box (valued at from $50-$80/month) filled with all sorts of new, healthy, products which can improve your lifestyle and better your health without costing you the time and energy of going out to search for them.  Or, introduce you to some that you (like me) may not have even knew existed.
With Klutch Club you get the opportunity to try all sorts of products from, skin care, vitamins, exercise videos, organic supplements, even clothing!

I knew immediately what I had received!  
 It was even more fun to open the box!

It is a great way to sample things that you would want to help your mind and body without making a commitment to a certain product.  Also, they have monthly themes which work together to help make a big improvement in your life.  April's box which I received was "Spring Clean Your Body".

Inside is a note card that explains each product, its meaning and its purpose.

I loved trying out the April, Spring Clean Your Body box.  It included lots of great products.  I was amazed at how much I enjoyed them all.  Typically I'm a junk food junky and a since we quit going to the gym, not really big on exercising.  I like playing with our dogs, gardening or building things, not Yoga DVDs (or at least I thought).

In the box I received:

Kristin McGee Power Yoga DVDA detoxifying Yoga workout from MTV Power Yoga star, Kristin McGee =Hard, energizing and stress relieving.

HyDriveA brand new energizing drink product to kick-start your workout= Almost like Red Bull, but healthy!

ZICO Coconut Water
Post workout coconut water hydration to replenish electrolytes= Yum! Waaay better than plain water.

Tea Forte SKIN SMART Antioxidant Amplifier Tea =Each one unique and delicious!
In four flavors: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, and Honey Yuzu

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash =My face skin loves it.  A little oily so I only use it at night. Contains whole herbs, oils, seeds and no artificial fragrances to make your face super clean and healthy.

Barlean’s Organic Flax Oil = Like flax seed health in a spoon that tastes like a smoothy Organic omega 3, flax and fish oil supplements in new flavors

KIND bar = Been buying them at the grocery store ever since.A filling bar with peanut butter and dark chocolate + protein.. yum!

Yoga Hyde = Have yet to order but they look and sound great, and $25 off?? Really? Great deal! A $25 gift for Yoga Hyde all natural organic yoga clothes and outfits

Enjoy Life Plentils & No Nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix =Gone the night I received the box.  Delish!  I really thought I would dislike these and then wished I had 2-3 more bags.
Awesome snacks that are gluten-free and full of protein!

Of course the first thing I did was eat the food, but hey, it was drizzled with chocolate or contained nuts and fruit, YUM!  Since then I've bought several KIND bars at our local grocery store.   Next, I tried the Barlean's Organic Flax Oil (It really does taste like a smoothy).  It is wonderful!  And, I really FEEL better!
I reluctantly put in the Yoga DVD by Kristen McGee but found it to be not only a great, energizing workout but actually fun and stress relieving. 

You can sign up for three different varieties of Klutch Club memberships: 1-month $18.00/box, 3-months $17.00/box or 1 year for $16.00/box).

I totally recommend the Klutch Club.  Especially for people like me who are reluctant and a little lazy when it comes to taking care of yourself and working a lot.  I hope to sign up soon so that I can receive each month's box.  You can check out their website and see what they have coming up this month.  It all looks fantastic and makes me energized to just to think about it.

Good luck and revitalize your lives whether it be through them or through your own methods.  You are worth it. : )