September 27, 2012

E.O. Products Winner. Sorry I disappeared! More on that soon!

I wanted to go ahead and choose the winner of the E.O. Products giveaway.  I'm so sorry to be sooo late.  I know if I had entered I would have wanted to know whether or not I stalked the site daily sending me emails asking, when are you said the 12th, etc.

So, without another day going by, the winner is...........

#1 Wanda!

Congratulations Wanda.  You are going to LOVE these awesome products.  Please contact me ASAP with your information and I will have them sent over to you!

For everyone else, great story of something that could only happen to me.  Well, its happened to other people, but just me luck.  Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Rusthawk said...

Yay Wanda! Congrats to you!