November 25, 2012

Dog Trots Globe

My first official book review on this blog was right up my alley!  "Dog Trots Globe, To Paris and Provence" by Sheron Long.

It is the story of a Chula, a 9 year old Sheltie whose owners take her to France on her first out-of-country experience.

It is filled with beautiful photography, lots of information how how to travel with pets including unexpected mishaps that may come up if you aren't fully prepared.

I found the book to be very enjoyable.  Especially never having traveled to France, especially without my "mans best friend" in tow. 

Chula, after a few mishaps with travel info, finally lands happily in her hotel bed.

Chula also has many adventures in local marketplaces either tasting their goods or eyeing their products.  

She also got to visit the Sault Fountain 

Not to mention visiting all the fields full of lavender. 

(All photos credit of © Sheron Long)
Adults, children and dogs alike would all enjoy the story of Chula visiting France and Provence.  It is a very beautiful story and beautiful book.
You can get your own copy of "Dog Trots Globe" by Sheron Long by leaving a comment below.  Do you have your own furry friend you would like to take across the pond?
Tell me which animal you have and where you would like to take them to be entered into the random drawing for a copy of this great book.
To purchase your own copy, please visit:

For additional information on Chula's continuing adventures, including a fun contest for your readers, please visit her Facebook page and discover fun contests and free ebooks. 
The winner of the free copy will be chosen on Friday, December 7th.  Good luck! 



Anonymous said...

A dream would be to travel the Camino with my Great Pyreneese! Getting her there might be a problem. She gets car sick!

Anonymous said...

Man's best friend makes all trips more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Finding myself with a little free time these days I have been catching up on some reading. This sounds like a book I would enjoy -- with the lap dog sitting on my lap as I read!