April 15, 2013

E. O. Products & Alex & Von

I'm happy to say that I am now an official consultant for Alex & Von.

They are a company who represents 10 different companies.  At Alex+Von "our mission is to make America and our planet a cleaner and healthier place while creating career and financial opportunities for women."

The represent amazing companies such as E.O. Products, Original Moxie, 100% Pure, au naturale', Suki, Good For You Girls, and many more!

I personally represent E.O. Products.  I have been a proud reviewer/user of their products for almost two years and each time I use them, feels like the first time.  They are not only good for you, the environment, but they also give back to the community and thus, the world.

If you are interested in trying any of these brands or products feel free to browse at www.Alex&Von.com/tiffanyhill

I must admit, I do make proceeds off sales, being a consultant (after I sell a ton each month which hasn't been happening) but, more than anything I want to share with you all the fabulous things I have been graced with and how much I enjoy them and know you will too.

I will also be hosting a giveaway of an E.O. Product drawn on April 20th.  I hope you all sign up and could soon be showering in bliss!

Another giveaway coming up in the next few days and look out for an awesome Mother's Day giveaway posted in the next week or so. It's gonna be a great gift for any mom. : )

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