May 27, 2013

Pizza Rolls= Yummo!

Could there be a bigger pizza fanatic in the world besides me (or perhaps my mom)?
Rolls.  Sort of like a Stromboli, only way easier.

Ingredients: (Pretty much whatever you want).

Must haves:
Crescent Rolls
Pizza Sauce
Basic Ingredients

I used my baking stone
First you put two cresent rolls back to back to form a rectangle.
Then begin filling!
I put in the pepperoni, two teaspoons of sauce and cheese. Then begin to roll up.


After they are all rolled up they look like this. Try to seal them as best you can.
I mixed an egg with some garlic salt and Italian seasoning then,
 brushed it over the rolls.  

After baking for about 20 minutes they turned out perfect
Gorgeous Pizza Rolls!  Who besides me, who thinks Pizza Rolls are gorgeous?
Serve with a side of extra sauce and you've got one great meal (snack, whatever). Perfection in a roll.  Obviously you can add any other ingredients you like.  Hubby likes peppers, onion, mushrooms, etc.  I'm just plain pepperoni and cheese. 
Go make some Pizza Rolls and enjoy! 

May 15, 2013

Little Brother Graduates from College

Saturday, May 11th, I had the honor to watch my little brother walk across the stage at East Tennessee State University with a degree in Computer Science.
One super-cool thing was that Mike Smith, Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons
was Keynote Speaker at Graduation.
They had a huge graduating class from doctoral degrees to undergraduates.

Since birth Z's been a little genius. Instead of mom and dad, he's always called them by their names.  He's always been smarter than me, even at four years old.  I spent allot of time babysitting him while my mom ran her own business.  The summers of my early teens was spent taking care of him and I loved (almost) every minute of it.

The only embarrassing part was when we would go shopping and people asked if he was "mine" rather than my moms.  Even though he is a college grad our mother still looks as if she was closer to my age.
Right After Graduation

I've very proud of him.  He's worked while going to school, met an awesome girl who I hope one day becomes his wife and has made a huge step of getting a job and moving away from home to get a great job in the city.

So, here's to you lil' bro.  I love you like none other and always will.  Congrats on your degree and best wishes for a happy life.  I'll always be here for you.

Zach and Ashley after Graduation.


In front of the fountain at ETSU.

Me and Z after his Graduation. : )
Now, after 22 years he is moving away with his incredibly smart girlfriend of 3+ years to start a life in the "real world".  Am I sad?  Of course!  I will miss those 30 min afternoon phone calls when he is on his way home from work or school, and seeing them each weekend at my grandma's.  But, I know its for the best and, Ash's family lives fairly close to their new awesome apartment so, he will have family nearby.
Good luck Lil' bro.  I love you!  And, I love Ash!  I wish you the best in the world and will always be your big sister.  You can count on me always. Or, most of the time. : P
I KNOW you will stay in touch or me or mom will kill you. ; )

May 6, 2013

Polaroid Fotobar Mother's Day Giveaway Winner!

Today was the last day to enter the Polaroid Fotobar Mother's Day giveaway!
I'm happy to announce that the winner of the giveaway is: (drum roll).....

#3 Teresa!
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Teresa, you have won the $50 giveaway from Polaroid Fotobar.  Please contact me ASAP with your contact info so that I can get your gift code sent to you in time to order your Mother an awesome gift from Polaroid, like the metal print I had made for me mom. Congratulations! 
For everyone else, thank you for entering.  There will most likely be a Father's Day giveaway from Polaroid Fotobar as well so, start digging through those photos now and be ready to enter. It won't be long!  Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner.
Thanks to everyone who entered and I loved reading all the wonderful comments about your moms. : )
Another great giveaway tomorrow!  Come back tomorrow to see what you could win or try out.  I'm lovin' all these great products and know you will too.  Also, an awesome new recipe to boot!