June 24, 2013

Gluten Freee Baking with Betty Crocker and Joseph & Jospeh

Thanks to Betty Crocker and MyBlogSpark.com, I was able to try out a new recipe for the Celiacs and/or gluten free folks in my family.

Celicas and gluten allergies are nothing to mess around with. They can make you very sick as well as all sorts of underlying and overlooked health related side effects.

I'm so proud to have the opportunity from MyBlogSpark.com and Betty Crocker to create a gluten free recipe for my friends, family and loved ones.

I began with the 9x9 baking pan I was provided from Danesco.  I lightly greased it with good 'ole Crisco.  Then I mixed up the Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix (gluten free) with three eggs, 1/3 cup of oil and 1/4 cup of water.

Using the Joseph & Joseph baking set I was lucky enough to be awarded,  I had the perfect utensils to make my  very first fondant cake.

The set came with an awesome rolling pin complete with three different sizes of rollers.  You can't possible screw up the depth of a pie or cake, a silicone spatula, 
and a  silicone brush.  It also included a really cute pink timer (if you ask my husband I've needed this since we were married since I've burned the bread since night #1).  
The timer worked perfectly.  I set it on 38 minutes for the 9X9 baking pan.

The rolling pin comes complete with three sizes as well as measurements engraved in the pin itself. 

The baking dish is a deep dish and coated so that nothing sticks to it.

After mixing the ingredients together I placed them in our new slightly greased 9X9 Danesco pan.

I  used free range eggs to make our cake even more organic. It may be my imagination but I think that things used with organic eggs always turn out fluffier and better.

I was lucky on the egg inclusion and didn't get a single bit of shell in the cake!

After the eggs, I used the new silicone spatula to stir all the ingredients together.  

The spatula worked wonders and cleaned up sooo easily.

Next, I used my 15 year old  kitchenaid mixer to finalize combining all ingredients.

After all the blending, I added them to the new Danesco 9x9 baking pan.

The timer is easily set and very loud when it alarms so you can hear it anywhere in your home.

I set the Johnson & Johnson timer to 38minutes and let the cake bake to perfection'
 in our convection oven.

Once the cake was completed and cooled, I transferred it to a disposable can sheet.

I had purchased some Duffs Co. Fondant to try out and decided to use it on this recipe since it was suppose to be 100% gluten free.

I first coated the cake in Betty Crocker Pecan Frosting (also gluten free.)

Next, I put a small layer of Argo Corn Meal and coated the counter top so I could roll out the fondant without anything sticking to the brushes, spatula or roller.

The awesome roller comes complete with different sizes of rollers built into the rolling pin so you can easily roll out any size or thickness of crust, etc. that you need.  This is the coolest thing ever!  I wasn't even aware the rolling pin did this until I began to clean it.

For the fondant, I removed all the extra sizes so that I could roll it out as thinly as possible.  Then, I covered the cake with a thin layer of the coconut/pecan icing.  After which, I covered it with the thinned rolling of the Duff's Fondant.

For my first time, I think I did okay.

I reserved some of the Duff's Fondant and added some Wilton's red coloring to make hearts with a cookie cutter.

I also make some yellow Fondant and added those hearts on top of the red,
as well as a ring around the cake and, some small polka dots. 
Then I added, in black frosting ink: Happy Fifteenth Anniversary.
My husband Daniel and I had our 15th on June 20th so, I thought my first Fondant cake should be a good way to celebrate it. Even though it might not have turned out to be the best ever at least now I'm more familiar with working with Fondant.  And, now I can make gluten free deserts for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law and try to dress them up a little bit.
I'm happy to say that my sister-in-law Ashley won this giveaway of the awesome Joseph and Joseph as well as the Danesco 9X9 baking pan.  I  know she will love it all as much as do!

Happy 15th Anniversary Baby! 

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