July 24, 2013

Happy Indpendence Day! A lot late.....

This year as usual, our family all gathered together and blew a lot of things up.  My dad shot me at close range with roman candles, as did I him.  My brother and sister-in-law lit up sparklers and my Mamaw sat and watched all the action with my uncle and his girlfriend.  It was a blast (pun intended)!

We always go across the border (no, not to Mexico) but, to Tennessee and buy a ton of fireworks. All together I figure we be blow (another pun, sorry) $1,000/year. 

First we gather together around the fire pit for a feast of hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, chips, the works (thanks Mom and Mamaw)!  While we pig out we begin our fiasco before sundown with smoke bombs and poppers which escalates into an all out fireworks display great enough for the big city, or, the neighbors call the cops.

This year was just as good as any.  I'm so happy that my family could get together once again and have as much fun as we always do.  We had to put the Fourth off until the Sixth so that my lil' bro could come up from his new home and job with his girlfriend I refer to as my sister-in-law and because of rainy weather.  None the less it was a spectacular event.  We all had a lot of fun.  Except I'm still recovering from that one roman candle burn.  Thanks dad. 
Our "small firework package"

Explains itself. 16 shots of beauty, and gunpowder.

My mom loves these fountains that sit on the ground.  It was actually pretty good. Pic to follow:
Nice, huh?

Then there was the Big Dawg.
I consider myself an expert in purchasing explosives.  It doesn't depend on the size of the package, its the firepower behind it and the number of shots. They are all 500 grams, the legal level, so a 16 shot is way better than a bigger box that is 30 shots. (keep that in mind kids) : )

The Enigma, another 500 gram but with 15 shots, so of course fantastic!

Smoke bombs and roosters in honor of my belated rooster Carl whose demise I'm still trying to deal with emotionally. (tear).

Surprisingly enough (even for me, the expert, Whack Job was our best firework of the evening).  Created by Bill Nye the Science Guy, it was fantastic.  I wish I hadn't set it off first and saved it for last.  But, even I wasn't expecting so much from the smaller package. 

More from our small kit including tanks, smoke bombs, poppers (they are really fun to put under toilet seats, just what you want when you gotta go.  A real surprise.  I buy enough of these to last year round).

Sparklers, a family favorite!

We actually found the parachute from this rocket.  Too fun!
Parents chowing down.

Zach (lil' bro) and Ashley.  SO glad they could come. : )

Uncle Randall and Tammy. Waiting for the adventure. I think this was Tammy's first Fourth of July with us.  Glad she could join the festivities. And, she was good enough to take some pics for me.

Cousin Jeremy and his gf Danielle.  Def. Danielle's first time hanging with the fam on the Fourth.  She was fun to hang out with.

Hubby eating some chips before we got down to the hamburgers and hotdogs.

Our cool water wheel beside the cabin.  Love being back there in the wilderness.
Hubby and me after pigging out.

Terrible pic but had to add it because it was so funny.  Typical of me and my dad. ; )

Mom and Tammy finishing up the final touches before we possibly loose a finger.

Mamaw showing off her Budweiser.  Jk..its a Pepsi.  Love her!

Me and Mamaw.  Dad is beginning the marshmallow roasting.

Me and Zach. I know, I'm the good looking one.  Notice my cool lighter hanging from my belt specially purchased for this grand occasion.

And it begins!  (Actually this was the end) but I thought I would add the best first. I'm good at shooting them but terrible at shooting photos of them.  I'm ALWAY'S a second off.  SO, enjoy what I did get.
Me and the folks

My dad acting like he's five years old again, just like every year.




I love the Fourth of July.  It is one of my favorite day's of year.  We can all have fun, bond, eat, and blow stuff up.  Who wouldn't love that??  Looking forward to next year already. : )

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