August 10, 2013

Reusable Pee-Pee Pads From Whiskers Creations

For the past few weeks, we've been trying out the reusable pee-pads from Whiskers Creations.  Two of our dachshund puppies, Charlotte, our wirehair silver dapple who is just over 6 months old, and Jack, our 9 week old black and tan smooth coat male, began using it immediately.

The brand new pad.  Excuse my photography on this post. I had to use my phone. 
It's hard to catch a dog in action if ya know what I mean. ; )

I've been amazed with the results. We were going through a package of around 50 pee-pads each month. But, after receiving the reusable pad from Whiskers Creations, we housetrained Charlotte completely and, Jack uses the reusable pad religiously.  NO more disposable pads whatsoever!

They both love it. For all dog owners, I'm sure you know dogs that dogs/puppies are more apt to "go" on your carpet, rugs, towels, etc.  So, the reusable pad being made of cloth, are automatically drawn to it. 

There are so many benefits to it other than it just being reusable.  Not only is it machine washable but also cute, waterproof and no chemicals!  Not only are they more attractive lying on the floor to humans but, also more attractive to pets due to the material.  It also has 80% less odor than disposables. Our pups can use it 4-5x and you don't smell a thing! And it holds a lot more moisture than your typical pee-pads (even the most expensive brands).

   Our first pee!    
No leaks through to the underside!

The floor was  not so clean at the time but, at least there was no dog pee!

We had instant results from the pee-pad. Charlotte peed on it within the first hour it was out of the box.  Then, we had a poop which I wasn't expecting so quickly. I told hubby "I never thought I would find myself happy to take a picture of dog feces". I've washed the pee-pad three times and have been using it about around a month.  The cute print hasn't faded at bit!

Baby Jack had NEVER been inside until a week or so ago and hasn't had a single accident in the house.  He immediately "went" on the pee-pad which shocked me and has used it every time since!  In fact, I'm going to order more so that while its in the wash I have another to put down.  But, between that and just taking him outside we have had no problems at all. For a puppy his age, its amazing.

Jack getting ready to go..again. Puppies!  Do they ever stop??
I would definitely recommend this to ALL dog/puppy owners who have issues with their dogs going inside or, who use pee-pads for housetraining.  I love that they are so eco-friendly which is a big issue in our home.  We try to use as many eco-friendly products as possible.  Especially when it comes to our pets.  And save so much money.  Pee-pads are NOT cheap!  I guess it's sort of like cloth diapering your baby. ; )

The great folks at Whiskers Creations are generous enough to offer up a reusable pee pad to one of you fine readers to use in your own home.  To enter, just leave a comment below on why you think these are such great pads and why you need one or, a comment about your pet.  You can also leave an additional comment if you are a blog follower or follow by email. 

The winner will be chosen via on Friday, August 16th.  Good luck!


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