September 25, 2013

PrinterPix Groupon Deal!

Printerpix currently has an amazing deal on Groupon.
Printerpix has a Groupn deal is for:  $17 for $70 Worth of Custom Photo Books, Canvas Calendars, Metals, or Phone Cases from Printerpix, at:
They have some really cool ideas on their website. After ordering a lot of printed photos, etc.  This deal is a really good offer and, would make excellent presents.  I hate to say it but, Christmas is right around the corner.
So, before they sell out.. go check it out on Groupon now! 

September 22, 2013

Whiskers Creations Washable Pee Pad Winner!

I know I waited awhile to choose (via the winner of Whiskers Creations Washable Pee Pad.  But, for some reason between Google+ and Blogger combining my blog, I've had issues with commenting as well as the RSS feed.  So, I gave readers longer to sign up. I even had folks emailing me asking me to "sign them up".

Hopefully, this issue will be resolved; if not already.  If you want to enter a giveaway please email me at :

For now, here is the lucky winner of the Whiskers Creations Pee Pad (you can also find a link with their logo on my homepage.  They are awesome!)

Congratulations Owen!  I hope your pup likes to "go" on Whiskers Creations Pee Pad as much as mine do and it helps you keep up from cleaning up!
For everyone else.  There are more giveaways coming up! If for some reason your comment doesn't "appear" after posting.  I can still see them.  But if you feel more comfortable emailing me, that's just fine. Until I get this problem all cleaned up ; ) I will post them on your behalf. 

Thanks again!

Galaxy Press with Ron L. Hubbard Classics

Myself as well as my mom have been listening to some of Ron L. Hubbard's classic novels on CD's from Galaxy Press which have been made into CD's which are much more like movies than average "book's on tape". The quality of actors and actresses which play the different roles of characters are incredible. They also include music from famous artists.

Both my mother and myself have enjoyed listening to the "books/CD's on tape" for the past 6-8 months and have been pleasantly surprised not only by the stories but, the quality of the sound,  music, actors and plots.

I'm amazed that these were written so long ago but sound as if they could have easily be written today. And, kind of creepy which is something I'm drawn to whether on book/tape or video.

My favorite has been "Dead Men Kill". It was a very original and kept my attention while cleaning house until I actually sat down to hear the ending. And kind of creepy which is something I'm drawn to whether on book/tape or video.  My mom said in one of her Amazon reviews that she "kept driving around aimlessly until she finished hearing one of the books".
They come with a super cool newspaper that appears real of how the stories would appear in the daily paper. They also have very cool pulp fiction type covers. Another one of the great ones we heard was "False Cargo".
Dead Men Kill CD Cover
False Cargo CD Case Cover
Dead Men Kill CD Case Cover
Galaxy has a super cool video on YouTube that shows how they make their awesome "stories of the golden age"
Galaxy has a super cool video on YouTube that shows how they make their awesome "stories of the golden age" You can get the link to check it out here: Stories of the Golden Age.

After checking out their site more, I would love to get a few of the new stories "Fear" and "Final Blackout":

Galaxy is also so awesome, they are going to offer a giveaway to three lucky readers for two each of their Cd's or MP3's.  I think you will enjoy them as much as we did.

To be included in the giveaway, just comment on why you would be interested in listening to these Cd's or MP3's and which one interests you the most. Also, if you are a reader or member of the blog, you can leave a separate comment giving you 2 entries or chances to win.

Good luck and happy listening!