September 22, 2013

Whiskers Creations Washable Pee Pad Winner!

I know I waited awhile to choose (via the winner of Whiskers Creations Washable Pee Pad.  But, for some reason between Google+ and Blogger combining my blog, I've had issues with commenting as well as the RSS feed.  So, I gave readers longer to sign up. I even had folks emailing me asking me to "sign them up".

Hopefully, this issue will be resolved; if not already.  If you want to enter a giveaway please email me at :

For now, here is the lucky winner of the Whiskers Creations Pee Pad (you can also find a link with their logo on my homepage.  They are awesome!)

Congratulations Owen!  I hope your pup likes to "go" on Whiskers Creations Pee Pad as much as mine do and it helps you keep up from cleaning up!
For everyone else.  There are more giveaways coming up! If for some reason your comment doesn't "appear" after posting.  I can still see them.  But if you feel more comfortable emailing me, that's just fine. Until I get this problem all cleaned up ; ) I will post them on your behalf. 

Thanks again!

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