February 4, 2014

Home to Hollywood!

I was fortunate enough to accompany my mom who also was gracious enough to spring for my airfare as well as buy me a TON of new clothes for our trip to HOLLYWOOD!  That's right, (for you all who don't live in Hollywood) going to Beverly Hills and staying in the tallest (that's right, THE TALLEST) building and penthouse in the city was incredible!  When you're staying on a street named "Avenue of the Stars" makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

We drove to Charlotte and spent a few hours in very crappy hotel (with a big name behind it) and we were up an ready at 4am for our 6:45 flight before our layover in Atlanta then on to LAX.  After that, we were picked up and taken to the greatest place to stay in Beverly Hills. 

Mom with her EARLY morning coffee awaiting the shuttle to the airport.

The view from Charlotte to Atlanta.

It's the home to one famous and wonderful celebrity ever! We were fortunate enough to be allowed to stay for 5 days in a the condo which belonged to a friend of hers which was out of town. It was the most amazing trip EVER!

The view of downtown LA from the condo

Mom and I after arrival chillin' on the front patio.

Zoomed in pic of downtown LA from the patio

I had never flown before and it was quite a long voyage from NC to CA.  Well worth it to say the least.  I'd often heard that CA folk are like northerners (no offense to either, I've found both to be false).  In fact, I found it to be the opposite (on both accounts).  Folks in these areas simply speak less but, were just as friendly and helpful to us or even more so.

We were able to do all the touristy stuff in L.A. including visit the famous Walk of Fame where I was almost stabbed by "Chucky", vistit the Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Sign (which was visible from the condo itself) and also go to Rodeo Drive.  I felt like Pretty Woman, only... not so pretty (or a hooker). But, after a visit to "Tiffany & Co" and leaving with my first piece of jewelry from there, a charm bracelet, I felt over the moon.

The best view of the famous "Hollywood" sign.

Mom and I posing in front of "the sign"

Chucky attacking me violently on the "Walk of Fame"
I didn't call 911, just gave him a few bucks and he went on to the next victim. 

Walk of Fame with LA cops keeping up crime

The Santa Monica Pier..luckily a quiet day there

The Boardwalk down to the Pacific from the Pier

I also go the opportunity see awesome cars whose owners lived in the condo in which we laid our heads after long days as tourists in the City of Angels.  Everything from Lamborghini's to Rolls Royce and even a '29 Ford that was completely made of wood, even the wheels! 

Awesome yellow Lambo....

29' Ford made completely of wood.  Probably first and last
of these I'll ever lay eyes on. 

It was such an incredible adventure and I'm so happy I got to share this incredible experience with my mom.  It was so much fun and sooo much to do and see.  Not to mention my first, second, third, fourth and fifth plane rides...it was indescribable.  We both had terrible jet-lag and took a week or more to get back on EST but more than well worth it.  I'd go back in a heartbeat and it was one trip that I will never forget.  Thanks to all those who made it possible. I never knew I had family in CA but, from now on, I know I do. :D

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