August 28, 2014

So Long, No Post....

It's been over 5 months since I've posted, anything.  That is the longest stretch of which I've been silent in the past two years. 

Just blog silent.  Sorry for neglecting any readers who may have (but probably didn't since our attention span these days is about 5 seconds) missed me.

Basically, the past four months for me have included gardening, gardening and more gardening.  Then, after all that gardening began canning, freezing, and preserving all the glorious veggies that came from, yeah you guessed it: gardening.

We have about 100 pints of green beans, 25 quarts of pickles, 35 pints of salsa, 20 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 20 quarts of veggie soup, 15 frozen squash casseroles, 15 gallons of frozen broccoli and numerous bags of frozen corn and diced peppers (I'm sure I'm forgetting something).  Needless to say, we're ready for winter.

When I haven't been gardening or preserving, I've been cooking!  I have a ton of great new recipes that I need to share.  Some of them were so good, they are way to good NOT to share.  And easy!  If they turn out good for me, they'll be good for anyone. :)

But, more has begun!  I'm always so sad when its over and so excited when it begins.  The next few days will be filled with research for the upcoming fantasy football draft and awaiting the beginning of real games rather than the preseason matchups.

Wish me luck for the draft.  Promise to keep posting without another 5 month lapse. :)

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