June 13, 2017

Goodbye Old Friend.

Last week I lost a dear friend that I've had for many years.  It is with a sad heart I say goodbye to..
my washing machine...
That's right, were "those people with the washer in their yard."
(But only for a few days, seriously)

Its been a great washing machine and I've been holding out on buying a new- bigger, quieter, more effiecient, HE machine for some time now.  But when your washing machine starts sounding like you have an ATV running in your basement, its time to let go.  And I don't mean on-Let Go because no one wants this one.

So, after some craigslisting and visits to some different sites, we made it easy on ourselves and just purchased on at our local Lowes store on sale.  I save a whopping $220 on my new Maytag! So of course I don't plan on needing a repair man, ever.

The control station

It has some pretty cool features such as the Affresh-self cleaning mode.  It also has a bulky setting for bedding and sheets.  You guys may all be saying to yourselves, so what? But hey, my old machine was made in the 80's so I feel fortunate it had a wash in hot or cold option.

Look mom!  No agitator! This thing is almost big enough for me to fit in!

Maytag, you had me at 4.3 cubic feet.  I think it has twice as much space as my old machine.  Not to mention its super quiet and my clothes have been really clean.  Who could ask for more?  I had a huge frontloader for many years before I went back to the old, small top loader.  I was not impressed with the frontloader who could wash 16 pairs of jeans.  You could fit them all in there but they did not seem to get very clean.

It has a nifty little pull out drawer for the detergent and softener.

The new washer with my kinda-new dryer.

Just last year I lost my dryer and we bought this Speed Queen gas dryer which to this day is my favorite appliance.  It dries a load of clothes in 20-30 minutes where as my old electric model took over 45. And its so energy efficient.  Before we had it connected to our gas system my husband put it on a grill bottle and I dried 35 loads of clothes.  The grill bottle wasn't even full.  It is amazing.

I am SO happy with my new washer and my Speed Queen dryer that I had to do an entire post about them.  I didn't even get it for free or, get any sort of kick backs from either company. 

I did however get to test a new product in my dryer that I will be doing a review on next week and you might get to try it out for free too!  So stay tuned and enter my the giveaway coming up soon.  I promise the post will be much more entertaining that this one. 

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