June 6, 2017

Refinishing Hard Wood Floors-the easy way.

For the past year or so our hardwood floors have been looking pretty bad. First I noticed they were really dull, then they seemed to take forever to dry after I'd mop them.  They desperately needed some TLC not to mention polyurethane.

Since they are there for me everyday, I decided to take matters into my own hands and give them a little love.  In the form of Minwax Polyurethane.

This stuff is amazing and really does dry in 4 hours.

I would have had a LOT of before pictures however, early last week my phone died and I was not able to resuscitate. Apparently it had a living will through US Cellular.  I was forced to move on earlier than I was prepared from my Samsung S6 to a new Samsung S8+.

So, I do not have any pictures of my hideous hallway before I began or, while I was sanding.
Step 1: Sand your floors.  It doesn't have to be a huge sander you rent from the hardware store.  I used my little DeWalt hand sander and some small squares of sandpaper.  You really just want to rough up the floors and remove any spots of paint or stains you don't want around anymore.  I went over my hallway pretty quickly.  The entire sanding process took me about 15 minutes.  Of course the constant barking of Gemma (the black and white piebald dachshund) made me rush the process.

Step 2: Sweep/Vacuum up your dust and debris from the sanding.

Step 3: Go over your floors with a lightly damp mop or rag to make sure you have all removed all the dirt and dust particles.  Let the floor dry completely.

Step 4: Apply a thin coat of polyurethane.
Make sure you use an applicator designed for polyurethane. 
Brushes and rollers tend to apply it too thick. I should have used a longer handle, but its all I could find and my hallway is very small.

I could immediately tell a big difference. That's what I love:
Instant gratification. : )

Step 5: Let them dry and enjoy your newly refinished floors.

Gemma seems pretty pleased with the results. 
She thinks she helped.
Shiny and beautiful!  And this was after they were dry!

If your floors are in really bad shape, you may want to re-sand after your first coat dries and apply a second coat. Just lightly sand your first coat and apply another very thin coat.  It will make them more durable in the long run.  I would have done this but did not have time to let another coat dry before we had to walk on them again.

Now on to the living room! Too bad I couldn't do all the floors in one day but because live here, its one area at a time. Oh well, slow and steady win the race, right??

Good luck and happy sanding!

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