About Me and Contact

I began this blog to share all the different things I like to do, make, and cook.  I have always been creative and enjoy all sorts of activities.

I love coming up with recipes, making all sorts of things including soy candles, organic soaps and other bath products. My husband and I grow a HUGE garden every year full of veggies that we eat and preserve by canning, drying and freezing.
Two years ago I began working with my husband and our plumbing business.  I've always been in the background doing office work, taxes, employee records, payroll, etc.  But now I also work with him "in the field".  It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  We have a lot of fun working together and I love every minute of it! I get to meet new people almost every day and its great to always be going to a new house or job. We make a great team and have built a successful business. 

We also hunt deer, each fall and train/competition hunt our two bluetick hounds, year round to become champions.  I use mostly deer/venison in all our red-meat recipes which allows us to buy hardly any beef and eat more organically.  We like to live as sustainable as possible and use organic/eco-friendly products whenever we can. Including but not limited to cleaning products, health products, pet products, etc.

We have a pack of 9 dogs.  They are our children.  Breeding miniature dachshunds is something we do in conjunction with my parents.  Not for money (because we spend way more than we make selling our puppies) but because we love them!  Our website is: FootlongDogs.com.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you!

Email:  TiffanyBHill01@gmail.com