Our dogs are our family. We care more about them than most people.

When you come to our house, these are some of the first things you see:

These are our babies:

Diesel, our number one boy (just don't tell the others)

Jill:  My 'lil 'coon puppy (or so I call her)

Cami, My chocolate dapple dachshund

Reese:  Hubby's chocolate & tan dachshund

Our dog building we built by hand last summer. It houses all our other doxies that we breed.  Our website is: Footlong

Mason, Reba, Cheyenne and Miley live in the building when they aren't in the house with us. We take turns letting them stay inside so they all get their turn to be inside and bond.  But when they are in the building they still have the luxuries of heating and A/C.


Traci said...

They are so cute!!!

Daisy Fabelo said...

OMG Tiffany they are so special... what is it that you do Breed....the beauties....they are just lovely... and I love the house, they must too...

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